Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT)


Ground based, with no ridden element, EAT incorporates horses experientially for emotional growth and learning.  This means that participants learn about themselves and others by participating in activities with the horses, and then processing thoughts, belief systems, attitudes, patterns and emotions behind those behaviors.


Our programme is an EAGALA approved model so sessions are facilitated by both a qualified therapist together with a horse professional and the horses, collectively referred to as the Treatment Team.


Because of its intensity and effectiveness, it is considered a short-term or "brief" approach; usual programme length is 8-12 sessions.


Clinical research studies indicate that EAP and EAL can positively impact depression, anxiety, ADHD, grief/loss, relationship issues, eating disorders, anger management and post traumatic stress resulting from physical or sexual abuse or combat-related trauma.

Improving Mental Health Through Equine Assisted Therapies


Sessions may include structured activities selected by the treatment team to address certain client issues or goals.  In these circumstances activities involving the horses are chosen to re-create/parallel life situations the clients may be experiencing.


Or the sessions may be left unstructured, which allows for the process to unfold and the client and horse to direct where the session goes with the Treatment Team facilitating learning or therapeutic process.

In all cases it matters little whether or not clients accomplish an activity, more important is how they approach the task and how they feel about the process, themselves and others as they participate.


Benefits have been well documented and include:


*Increased self-esteem and confidence

*Anger and anxiety management

*Relationship building skills

*Increased resilience

*Ability to face fears/challenges

*Increased communication (verbal & non-verbal) skills

*Increase in awareness of healthy, safe personal boundaries

*Increased assertiveness

*Increased ability to accept and manage situations as they are

*Teamwork and cooperation

*Leadership skills

*Successful planning and completion of tasks

*Increased self-discipline and responsibility

Addiction and Equine Assisted Therapy


Equine Assisted Therapy has been proven to be beneficial in the recovery programme  of those with addictions.


Bosence Farm is a Residential Rehabilitation facility who has worked with Equus Solutions for several years. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy has now become an established and highly successful part of the recovery programme. The Equus Solutions EAP and Bosence Farm Evaluation Case Study can be downloaded below.


Those suffering with addictions verbally manipulate the truth as a way to hide their addiction. As horses communicate primarily non-verbally an addict will have to find a new way of communicating that is honest and open. Horses are able  to mirror a person’s internal emotional condition which reveals areas where therapeutic progress can be made. Clients learn about themselves  and develop better interpersonal skills in addition to recognizing emotions previously hidden by the effects of the addiction which in turn can only be beneficial to the recovery process.

Equine Assisted Learning


Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is similar to EAT in that it still involves the team of mental health professional and horse professional working with the clients and horses, but in these sessions the focus is on learning specific skills as defined by the client/s or referring agency for example, leadership skills for a school group.


Activities are set up which require the client/s to utilize and develop certain skills, for example, non-verbal communication, assertiveness, creative thinking and problem-solving, leadership, work, taking responsibility, teamwork and relationships and confidence.

EAGALA Miltary Services and EAT


There is a growing interest in equine-assisted psychotherapy supporting the psychological health and family relationships of service members, veterans and their families worldwide.


EAGALA Military Services is a designation which indicates the EAGALA Certified professionals have specialized training and experience in the military community.


Autism and LD


In order to provide appropriate sessions for clients presenting with a wide and varied spectrum of disabilities we have developed a slightly different programme to the standard EAL sessions we usually deliver.


The biggest difference is that a large part of these sessions includes ridden work.  We find there are particular advantages to having clients ride:


*Movement encourages fitness and improved general muscle tone.


*Aids the development of motor skills, in particular co-ordination.


*Encourages non-verbal and verbal communication with the horse and therapist.


*Encourages concentration and interest in what is going on around them.


*Encourages eye contact, awareness and interaction with others.


*Lessens the resistance to being physically touched or having physical contact with others.


*Raises awareness of boundaries and other people’s/horses personal space


*Increases the use and understanding of directional commands.


*Lessens the sensitivity to new external stimuli


In addition, simple and safe ground work activities with the horses like grooming or leading, enables clients to develop new skills and confidence, improve social interaction and increase awareness of themselves and others.


Unlike other EAP/L programmes, our clients with Autism or LD usually enjoy coming on a regular weekly basis for much longer periods of time.


Family Therapies


We offer both residential and non-residential support programs for families needing help with a range of problems including: trauma, loss and bereavement; communication breakdown; anxiety and stress management; eating disorders and low self esteem; anger and aggression; substance abuse; and domestic violence.


All therapy and learning sessions involve safe, ground-based activities involving the horses. Participants taking part work with our trained therapists to process feelings, patterns and behaviors that may arise. The focus is on developing human skills rather than horsemanship skills. It is a positive, unforgettable experience which builds self esteem.


There is no ridden element to these programs but they can be combined with family ‘learn to ride’ sessions, where families will learn to ride through a mixture of activities such as: riding lessons, natural horsemanship, horse handling and carriage driving. For more experienced riders we can offer advanced horse riding activities including trail rides, beach rides and using our small cross country training course.


Corporate Training & Team Building


Are you looking for an innovative approach to team-building and leadership development for your organisation? We offer a unique, fun and refreshing alternative to the usual classroom based approaches to staff training.


We will tailor a bespoke package to suit specific needs of your organisation using creative group activities to foster collaborative spirit and improve your interpersonal dynamics.


Our programmes can consist of individual and/or group activities and are written to have a positive impact on the morale, productivity and creativity of your organization and teams. We have a range of options available from individual short sessions and half day group sessions through to residential workshops spanning multiple days.

The program is a 100% ground based activity, with no ridden element although residential programs could include riding lessons and horsemanship. Workshops include effective communication, celebrating team strengths, increasing awareness of members differing styles and the benefits this brings, handling potential obstacles through creative problem solving, increasing awareness of the impact on the other members of the team and helps to bring to life your teams vision and mission.


Participants work with the horses in a safe setting while simultaneously working with others. Their goal is to complete a series of tasks over multiple sessions. The activities will help participants to learn about themselves by processing feelings, behavior and patterns. This develops new skills and confidence alongside increased awareness of themselves and others as team members, generating goodwill and a collaborative spirit among co-workers, while teaching them new ways to overcome obstacles.

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Improving Mental Health Through Equine Assisted Therapies

Improving Mental Health Through Equine Assisted Therapies

Improving Mental Health Through Equine Assisted Therapies

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